Thursday, July 30, 2009

Resistance/Capacitance Boxes Get Rubber Boot Guard

Time Electronics has given its decade resistance and capacitance boxes more protection by fitting an ergonomic rubber boot as a guard on standard models. The guard protects against accidental damage and everyday wear and tear, especially when decade boxes are used in the field. The boot is fitted as standard on the popular 1051 and 1040 resistance boxes, as well as the 1070/1071 capacitance boxes. As well as providing durability the boot has a textured grip for comfortable handling and a raised edge so the decade box angles slightly upward when resting horizontally.

This improves visibility, as well as gripping the surface, meaning no movement when thumbwheel switches are pressed. It is easy to remove if the user prefers a standalone unit or to house the decade box in a carry case. In addition to decade boxes the boot also fits a number of Time Electronics' portable test instruments. These include the 1006 and 1007 DC millivolt sources and potentiometers, 1021 current source, and the 1077 milliamp transducer/line simulator. When fitted on these products the openings positioned on the top and bottom of the boot allow access to battery meters and a position to place labels if required.

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