Thursday, July 30, 2009

Orchid Offers Miniature DC Motor Controller

Orchid Technologies' low-cost, miniature, brushless DC motor controller is claimed to pack a large amount of power into a tiny electronics package. The miniature controller is designed to drive 48V brushless DC motors up to 1,400W. Small physical sizes make it possible to develop high torque and operating speeds when overall product size and weight are application limited. The company claims that it combined cost-sensitive engineering with precision power electronics to craft an efficient, high-performing, three-phase power-output stage.

Working closely with silicon vendors, Orchid selected FET output-stage devices while matching drive and sensing technology characteristics. It selected an ST7MC microcontroller as the brains of the brushless DC motor controller. The ST7MC's feature-rich complement of flash program store, static RAM, Eeprom, a patented motor controller, timers, analogue-to-digital conversion circuitry and robust processor reliability controls make the ST7MC suitable for the motor control marketplace. The microcontroller's patented motor control subsystem provides a cost-effective method to control many different types of brushless DC motors, according to the company. Sensor and sensorless motors and 120- and 60-degree styles are all supported.

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