Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fox Offers Miniature SMD HCMOS Crystal Oscillators

Fox Electronics is offering its integrated SMD HCMOS temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) and voltage-controlled TCXOs (VCTCXOs) in miniature 3.2mm x 2.5mm package sizes. The 3.3V Fox923CH and Fox923CEH series of oscillators eliminate the need for supplementary external circuitry to obtain a HCMOS output. Suitable for timing requirements in applications such as radio-frequency-identification (RFID) readers, utility metering, wireless telecommunications, GPS, data transfer and test and measurement equipment, these new oscillators offer tighter stabilities than traditional oscillators.

Stability is +/-2.5ppm over the -30C to +85C operating temperature range, +/-0.3ppm over the 3.3V (+/-5 per cent) supply voltage and +/-0.2ppm over the 15pF load change. The series offers an input current (IDD) of 6mA, an output symmetry of 40 per cent to 60 per cent over a frequency range of 9MHz to 32MHz and typical phase noise from -145dBc/Hz at a 10kHz offset to -85dBc/Hz at a 10Hz offset. The maximum reflow soldering temperature is 260C at 10 seconds. These RoHS-compliant oscillators have a gold termination finish and a maximum height of 1.2mm. The Fox923CH TCXOs feature a no-connect on Pin 1, while the Fox923CEH VCTCXOs include voltage control on Pin 1 to further tune out inaccuracies.

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