Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vitronic Launches Vipac D2 Measuring Device

Vitronic has introduced the Vipac D2 measuring device, which automatically calculates the volume of parcels and the smallest box that they can be enclosed in. Developed for scanning irregular-shaped items, it enables users to optimise space in transit vehicles, verify package data provided by customers and automate invoicing.

According to the company, irregularly shaped parcels are problematic for automated handling systems. They often require manual intervention to process, which is time consuming and inefficient. Vipac D2 eliminates the need for manual intervention, leading to significant cost savings. Mounted above powered conveyors, Vipac D2 uses sensors to emit fan-shaped laser beams, which are reflected back by objects travelling through.

Integrated software measures the time that it takes for the lasers to return to the sensors and beam displacement. This allows the system to build a 3D image of an object and calculate its volume. Vipac D2 can be configured with up to three sensors, which scan objects from multiple angles. This enables the system to build clear 3D images of irregularly shaped parcels and accurately calculate their volume. Vipac D2 is certified to provide accurate volume data, meaning that users can create invoices automatically and reconcile them with customer-provided information to verify shipping costs.

Companies can also use the system to optimise space in delivery vehicles and to make transit routes more efficient. This reduces fuel consumption, leading to substantial savings, according to the company. Malcolm Smith, Vitronic's UK sales manager, said: 'Users can operate Vipac D2 as a standalone unit or integrate it into existing systems. 'It is compatible with Vipac, our automated parcel recognition system,' he added.

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