Monday, June 29, 2009

Tyco Offers Sigma-Link Copper-Cabling Solutions

Sigma-Link from Tyco Electronics's Amp Netconnect business unit is a range of pre-terminated high-speed copper-cabling solutions designed for ease of installation in office networks and data centres. The Amp Netconnect Sigma-Link system offers all performance and link classes including Category 6/Class E, Category 6A/Class EA and Category 7A/Class FA to support current applications at speeds of up to 10Gbit/s over copper cable.

The Class FA version has been developed to support future applications at up to 40Gbit/s. The system is fully standards compliant and is suitable for equipment cabling in data centres. Performance of the Sigma-Link system is ensured by factory testing of all cable assemblies. Traceability of the far end is achieved by an integrated plastic optical fibre, which facilitates identification after installation. The system is fully compliant to TIA/EIA 942 and EN 50173-5, which are specific data-centre standards.

The Sigma-Link system, which forms part of the Amp Hi-D (high-density) cabling platform, is based on a modular approach featuring reusable cassettes and cables. The 10Gbit/s performance over copper is achieved without any requirement for ANEXT testing or EMC considerations. In use, the system provides rapid installation of six connectors with just one click. Cables are pre-terminated at the factory to the correct length with a 'one-click' snap-in cassette and the user simply has to place or pull the cables into the pathways, plug the cassettes into the patch panels and mount the finished patch panel. The Amp Netconnect Sigma-Link system is suitable for partial-section cabling in data centres in areas such as server-to-switch cabling.

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