Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunon Introduces Latest Super Green Fan

Sunon has developed the latest generation of the 40mm x 40mm x 28mm Super Green Fan (SG4028). The design of the Super Green Fan features high efficiency, low power consumption, low vibration and low noise.

Dedicated to low energy use, Sunon's sealed-motor technology raises the air flow and increases the air volume by 10 per cent. Compared to other products with similar rotation speeds, the Sunon Super Green Fan consumes nearly 50 per cent less power than its predecessors, meeting the eco demands for high efficiency and low power consumption, according to the company.

Its sealed motor is protected by EMC and EMI and meets Class B requirements. With a perfectly matched high-efficiency motor and impeller blades, the Super Green Fan reduces vibration within the system, lowers fan vibration by up to 38 per cent and prolongs the lifespan of both the fan and the entire system.

Characteristics include: a three-phase motor for low power consumption; an integral thermal solution design for greater airflow and better flow concentration; a sealed motor to increase the efficiency and reduce the power consumption; super-stable running to reduce the vibration range; and good sound quality.

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