Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sharp Announces High Colour Rendering LEDs

Sharp is expanding its LED portfolio with eight white light high colour rendering SMD LEDs in the frequently used PLCC2 package. The high CRI (colour rendering index ) value of 80 is reached by a combination of a blue LED die covered with a special mixture of green and red phosphor. The chip LEDs of the GM5SAExxP0A series, from the E-Series, ensure natural colours and true to detail images.

This is important where artificial light may not hinder the depiction of the illuminated objects. Typical applications for high colour rendering (HCR) LEDs are in photography, shop windows and store decorations as well as product presentation. They also find uses in medical lighting; for example, in surgery lamps. The E-Series covers a wide spectrum of colour temperatures, beginning with warm white LEDs in the area of 2,700K to the cold white LEDs of 6,500K.

Combining high CRI values and a light efficiency of up to 90lm/W (depending on model), the HCR LEDs from Sharp show characteristics equal to traditional fluorescent lamps in terms of efficiency, colour temperature and CRI. The E-Series complies with the requirements of the international energy star programme. Due to this, the LEDs of the GM5SAExxP0A series are suitable for next-generation LED lighting applications as well as occasions where fluorescent lamps are traditionally used.

The E-Series is characterised by an extreme long lifetime of 40.000 hours of operation. The chip LEDs of the E-Series are equipped with a Zener diode, integrated directly in the package. They protect the LED against voltage peaks that may occur through electrostatic charge. This will spare developers the integration of additional ESD components on an external circuit.

Despite the high integration level, the E-Series is marked by an extremely compact and slim housing. The package of 3.2mm x 2.8mm x 1.9mm (PLCC2) makes this high colour rendering LED series from Sharp a suitable fit for applications that require a high amount of brightness with a compact form factor. This HCR LED series from Sharp is designed to give lighting designers more freedom and flexibility when creating illumination systems, which are not necessarily determined by the form factor of the illuminant.

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