Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Schroff Issues Updated Product Catalog

Schroff UK, an electronics packaging specialist, has launched an updated edition of its main catalogue. Running to more than 1,100 pages, Edition 23 provides detailed technical information on the company's complete range of products, including cabinets, cases, subracks, plug-in units, embedded systems, backplanes and power supplies.

Among the products in the catalogue is the Propacpro series of cases: a range of frame-type plug-in units, intelligent socket strips and extensions to the company's cabinet range. In addition, the catalogue features an appendix containing an overview of relevant standards, a list of commonly used abbreviations and a complete product index.

It is laid out in colour-coded sections and makes use of colour pictures, as well as dimensioned line diagrams showing assembly details, tables and selection charts with stocked items shown in bold text. Providing information for anyone involved in specifying or purchasing enclosures or related products and services, the Edition 23 catalogue can be obtained by visiting the Schroff website and clicking on the 'Catalogue Request' button.

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