Friday, June 12, 2009

Reel And Shaft Offers Stacker Truck Cradle

Reel And Shaft Handling (RaSHCo) has designed a stacker truck cradle for offloading finished reels from both shafts of slitter rewinders at the same time. The system is easy to install and operate and is safer and faster than traditional methods. The stacker truck cradle slides easily into place under the finished product reels, then gently pulls them from the shafts as the operator reverses the truck.

The hydraulically powered cradle then rotates the reels to vertical so they are ready for loading onto a pallet. A separate vertical reel lifter mounted on a customised air hoist, hanging from a swing-jib crane, allows the operators to offload the reels of up to 95kg, quickly and with virtually no effort.

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