Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Machine Building Systems Offers Item Base Plate

Item has added a die-cast 'Base Plate 8, 40x40 M10' to its aluminium-profile machine construction kit, available from Machine Building Systems. An M10 foot is suitable for customers with uneven floors who require a knuckle foot with a generous amount of adjustment on a bench or a conveyor, for instance. This gives the longer threads some resistance to the side loads that they will meet.

However, this leads to two problems, according to the company. First, the 40x40 profile most commonly used for legs has a bore at the tapping size for M8 and must be drilled and re-tapped out where this is feasible. Second, permissible thread pitch deviations under DIN standards, common in the male threads, often mean that the feet will bind in long tapped holes, no matter how accurate the tapping.

The new base plate is intended to solve both these problems at low cost by having the M10 tapped hole for the foot aligned with any of the T-slots in the leg. The centre hole is used for securing the plate to the profile with the usual M8 screw.

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