Monday, June 29, 2009

ITT CoF Filters Provide Platform For TVS Connector

The chip-on-flex (CoF) filters from ITT Interconnect Solutions provide the framework for a new TVS surge suppression connector. The CoF filter design, with one standard flex per layout, utilises a flexible circuit internal to the connector where chip capacitors are surface mounted on a very small pad adjacent to the feed-through contact. This flex circuit design provides the necessary platform for surface-mount TVS devices for lightning-strike protection.

Off-the-shelf devices for both filtering and surge protection can be mounted using an automated manufacturing process. The result is a cost-effective, reliable, lightweight and compact design, benefiting from the thermal and mechanical performance associated with ITT Interconnect Solutions's CoF products. CoF filters offer customisable individual circuit values by adding or removing the chip capacitor and TVS devices. A range of capacitance and TVS values is available.

Tested to Mil-DTL-38999 Series III standards for mechanical shock, vibration and high-altitude DWV, CoF components exceed 1,000 cycles of thermal shock as per Mil-Std-1344. The devices feature contact counts from one to 600 and benefit from multiple configurations, including rack and panel, circular and D-Sub. ITT Interconnect Solutions offers its customers complete design and design-change services for its CoF devices. The components are now available with lead times of 10 weeks.

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