Tuesday, June 02, 2009

HBM Introduces CMD600 Digital Charge Amplifier

The HBM CMD600 digital charge amplifier enables mechanical quantities, such as force, pressure or torque, in the measured range of 50pC to 600,000pC to be measured with piezoelectric sensors. It also allows the quantities to be made available either as analogue voltage signals (0-10V) or in digital form via its integrated Ethernet interface.

The amplifier is said to be suitable for very fast measurements with frequencies up to 30kHz. All signal inputs and outputs are electrically isolated, ensuring simple and secure integration in control systems. Additional digital inputs and outputs can be used for various control functions with peak value or limit value signalling. The PC software provided allows the user to configure the amplifier using standard TCP/IP.

The software recognises every CMD600 in the network automatically and enables IP address setting. The CMD600 utilises a transducer electronic datasheet (TEDS) so that any connected system automatically reads sensor and amplifier data, reducing measurement setup time. HBM has introduced an integrated sensor-teach function that sets the applicable measurement range automatically using two known loading points.

This means that the amplifier can be parameterised via the digital inputs, even without a PC. The CMD600 meets IP65 and is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. Typical applications for the charge amplifier are found in production, joining and forming processes, in test benches for engines and gears and in research and development.

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