Monday, June 29, 2009

GPEG And 4D Systems To Supply 'Smart OLED' Modules

GPEG International has announced its partnership with 4D Systems, which will provide customers with 'Smart OLED' modules. These passive- and active-matrix OLED display modules feature a built-in embedded graphics controller that ensures feature-rich functionality that can be simply and effectively incorporated into new product designs.

All 4D Systems's 'Smart OLEDs' feature: a near-360-degree viewing angle; high contrast with resolutions up to QVGA (320x240); a five-pin interface to any host device (5V, TX, RX and GND) and reset; a supply voltage from 3.6V to 6.0V; serial RS-232 (0V to 3.3V) with an auto-baud feature (300K to 128K baud); an optional USB interface via the 4D Systems micro USB (uUSB-MB5) modules; an onboard micro-SD (uSD) memory card adaptor included for storing icons, images and animations; three selectable font sizes (5x7, 8x8 and 8x12) for ASCII characters and user-defined bitmapped characters (64 at 8x8); and built-in graphics commands (line, circle, text, paint, user bitmap, background colour, put pixel and image).

OLED display modules are powered by the fully integrated Goldelox-MD1 module, which can also be supplied separately. GPEG will be providing full support for these displays, including supplying complete development kits for various OLED display resolutions.

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