Friday, June 05, 2009

D-Tec Launch New Version Of FireVu

D-Tec - part of AD Group - launched a new version of its award-winning FireVu VSD (Video Smoke Detection) system to offer both CCTV-based smoke and flame detection, at International Firex. A number of key changes have been built into the new model of the NetVu Connected FireVu, which combines VSD with video over IP, for enhanced performance and ease of installation.

The most notable changes implemented, as a result of the FireVu product development programme, include: an advanced flame detection algorithm - for the first time on FireVu - and, crucially, new and improved smoke detection algorithms which also benefit from the increased performance of the unit's chipset. As well as the internal changes, the new 8 channel system, which supports 24 outputs, comes in a much slimmer unit - dropping from 3U to 2U in terms of the rack space required - compared to the original FireVu.

When it comes to ease of installation, a tailored engineering interface has also been created for the new FireVu which should simplify the commissioning process. This will also assist long-term maintenance and system updates can now be provided via the unit's USB port. Said Ian Moore, Managing Director, D-Tec: "The latest, more powerful, FireVu system is a major advance for us".

"It brings together video smoke and flame detection which means that, at a practical level, we can offer customers a layered response, typically alarming on smoke first and then confirming again if fire appears". "The new FireVu also opens up the potential for the application of this capability in dark areas at night where flame rather than smoke will be the most visible sign of an incident".

"Additionally, the more advanced chip architecture - delivered by our sister company ChipWrights - and enhanced detection algorithms should make the latest unit's response to incidents even faster and more accurate than before". Further details regarding D-Tec and its VSD solutions can be found by visiting the company website.

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