Friday, May 08, 2009

Tubeinspect HS Provides 50-Micron Accuracy

Aicon has introduced the Tubeinspect HS camera-based 3D tube measuring system, which uses ten digital cameras with higher resolutions. A spatial reference point field made from glass, especially stable with respect to shape and temperature, is located in the measuring cell. Thus the measuring system can resort to reference points in different spatial planes, which leads to a more precise measurement of the tube geometries.

Also in terms of the software, basic changes have been implemented. Tubeinspect HS uses Aicon's software version 4.5, which contributes to a higher measuring accuracy thanks to an improved algorithm. Dr Ing Werner Boesemann, Aicon's president, explained the value of the new Tubeinspect system by saying: 'Let's take a closer look at an injection pipe.

'This pipe must fit exactly into the available installation space - and this space becomes more and more confined. 'Furthermore, the connectors of the tubes have to be very accurate because it is not possible to compensate any deviation from the target geometry during assembly in case of such an inflexible and short pipe. 'This is the reason why the tolerances for injection pipes are getting smaller.

'With Tubeinspect HS it is possible to inspect the geometric features of these pipes with the required precision and in a reliable way. 'This is impossible with traditional measuring methods such as co-ordinate-measuring machines.' Tubeinspect HS reaches a precision of up to 50 micron (1 sigma). Compared with conventional tube-measuring technology, it additionally scores with an unprecedented measuring repeatability.

The measuring results can be documented in a clear way with the help of graphical reports. In general, Tubeinspect allows for the measurement of any tube geometry independent from surface colour or texture. Tubeinspect HS measures tubes with diameters ranging from 2 to 100mm. The measuring range of the system is 1080 x 980 x 500mm. Tubeinspect HS will make its public debut at the Control trade show.

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