Monday, May 11, 2009

Stemmer Enhances Common Vision Blox

Stemmer Imaging has announced Version 10.1 of the Common Vision Blox (CVB) programming library. New tools in Version 10.1 include CVB GigE Vision Server for standardised remote imaging, CVB Match 3D for demanding 3D surface inspection and the CVB GPU Processing tool, which offers image processing acceleration.

CVB GigE Vision Server allows a suitably equipped computer to be used as both an image receiver and as an image source. It acts like a GigE Vision compliant image source with configurable features. CVB GigE Vision Server opens up a range of opportunities including full application remote control, distributed pre-processing and computing, or multicast transfers to multiple monitoring stations.

CVB Match 3D offers a practical approach for 3D imaging, providing high accuracy and a processing speed fast enough to keep track with modern production lines. The 3D image of a perfect sample (golden template) is compared to the 3D images of upcoming test parts in the production line, complete with full alignment of the two images. Differences between the images of the template and the object highlight part deviations and can be identified in real time, allowing pass/fail decisions to be made.

The CVB GPU Processing tool enables the power of the computer's graphic processing unit to be used for image processing applications. Since CVB already supports multiple processors using multiple cores it is now possible to extend this to the fastest processor in the computer. Image data can be transferred to the GPU memory, passed through one of the GPU's hardware arithmetic logical units for pre-processing purposes and then transferred back to host memory for further post-processing.

Pre-processing includes filtering, frame averaging and Bayer conversion. CVB Version 10.1 is available for download and is free of charge for registered users of Common Vision Blox. All documentation, samples and components are included. A free 14-day trial version for all components is also available for feasibility and performance tests.

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