Tuesday, May 05, 2009

RHM System Enhances Flexibility Of Reaming

Kennametal has introduced the RHM modular reaming system, which enhances the flexibility of high-speed reaming. The RHM uses high-precision, interchangeable reamer heads with respective steel bodies. It reduces tool setup time and machine downtime. The heart of the system is the KST (Kennametal Short Taper) coupling system.

Similar to the KMTM system, the KST system provides simultaneous taper-face contact, resulting in less than three microns run-out and a rigid union. Two drive flats on the reamer shank and in the tool body foster symmetrical torque transmission for higher speeds and feeds. Two clamping options are available.

The radial clamping system makes for fast head changes inside the machine and provides quick and easy clamping.The axial clamping system is economical and features a differentially pitched clamping screw, which provides low actuating torque. It also consists of fewer parts. Both systems require minimal training to implement. Reamer heads are available in either straight-flute style for blind holes or helical-flute style for reaming through-holes.

They can be applied to both clamping versions. Thru-the-tool coolant is standard for both styles. Unequal flute-spacing reduces harmonics, providing a straighter hole and consistent diameters. Ground and lapped lead angles facilitate longer tool life and higher surface and hole quality. The reamers come tipped in either carbide or cermet.

Reamer heads are available in stock sizes ranging from 20 to 42mm (0.7874 to 1.6535in) diameter and as a custom solution tailored to customers' diameter and tolerance requirements. Tool bodies come in straight shank style, HSK style and SIF steerable adaptor style, available as three and five-times the diameter length versions, each covering a diameter range of reamer heads.

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