Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Resultancy Offers Business Process Health Check

Resultancy is offering business performance improvement services for manufacturing companies on a no success, no fee basis. The company's Success-as-a-Service business model (also known as the Consultancy 2.0 model) offers manufacturing businesses a risk free and self-financing method for beating the recession through competitive transformation. Up until now, many businesses have viewed the deployment of management coaching and business consultancy services as an expensive luxury.

Many manufacturing executives have either had unsatisfactory experiences of working with coaching and management consultancy firms, or know of executives who have. This situation is hurting businesses who could benefit from practical help and advice but are lacking confidence in the profession's track record to make a positive difference. Resultancy has built a team of multi-disciplinary coaches and consultants who differentiate the brand of professionalism by offering clients a quality of service guarantee.

Dr Matthew Barekat, founder and managing partner of Resultancy, believes the only way to restore trust and client confidence in the profession is through consistency of performance. Barekat has been developing the know-how and the cultural framework needed to offer clients a more accountable forms of management consultancy services. His research work has led to the development of the Success-as-a-Service coaching and consultancy business model that removes the client risks by making all fees fixed in advance, and conditional on the success of each and every element of any assignment.

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