Thursday, May 14, 2009

Renold Couplings Protect Against Eddy Currents

The Renold Hi-Tec coupling range of rubber in compression couplings protects the bearings of large rotating machines from eddy current damage. Eddy currents pose a problem in rotating machinery. The larger the machine and the higher its rotating speed, the stronger these currents become. The resulting eddy currents can cause extreme damage to both sleeve and rolling element bearings.

In some extreme cases, they can even cause the bearings to weld together. The high rubber content of the Renold couplings combine with the no metal-to-metal contact of the two coupling halves, which effectively insulates the motor from the driven machine. This ensures that damaging shaft currents are not allowed to flow from the motor to the bearings of the driven machine and effectively safe guards against a costly repair and failures.

Machines that are most affected by eddy current damage to bearings are: fans, compressors, turbines and pumps. However, any rotating machine with bearings can suffer from this.

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