Friday, May 08, 2009

Pneumatic Vibration Isolators Launched By Newport

Newport has announced the release of the S-2000 Stabilizer series of pneumatic vibration isolators. The offering incorporates Newport's self-centring pendulum design, laminar flow damping system, and precision auto-levelling valves.

In addition, the S-2000 design incorporates enhanced levelling indicators, recessed lifting channels and a lower magnetic permeability design. Newport said the S-2000, with a 2000lb load capacity per isolator, is an ideal solution for isolating optical tables, large inspection equipment, heavy machinery, and large area sub-floors. Newport is also making available a standard offering of fully non-magnetic models as well as clean-room compatible versions in the near future.

The initial offering of the S-2000 will be available in six heights ranging from 16-28in all equipped with precision re-levelling valves. The S-2000 Stabilizer performance delivers a 1Hz vertical resonant frequency and a vertical isolation efficiency of 98 per cent at 10Hz. Horizontal isolation begins at 2.5Hz and reaches 95 per cent efficiency at 10Hz.

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