Monday, May 18, 2009

Linx SL301 30W Scribing Laser Gets IP65 Rating

Linx Printing Technologies has added IP65 capability to the latest version of its Linx SL301 30W Scribing Laser, making it suitable for use in harsh, wet and dusty environments. Part of Linx's SL laser range, the versatile Linx SL301 is ideal for coding onto a range of products at low or high speed, in a variety of manufacturing industries. The coder offers low running costs, reduced downtime, user-friendly operation and reliable coding without the need for manual intervention or high-quality codes, even at higher line speeds.

The IP65 rating extends these benefits to challenging production environments where washdown processes are common, providing companies with effective 24/7 coding regardless of factory conditions. The Linx SL301 can be quickly installed into existing production-line set-ups. The coder operates without requiring factory air or water to keep it cool, removing costly and time-consuming integration procedures.

Similarly, flexible-head extension arms and beam turning units enable the coder to be manoeuvred into tight, hard to reach spaces. Operation is equally clear, thanks to an intuitive interface in the form of a remote hand-held control unit that allows users to create, change and set up codes at the touch of a button. The Linxdraw PC software enables more complex code creation, including graphics and 2D codes.

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