Thursday, May 14, 2009

ISO-Designer 3.0 Allows IOP Files To Be Imported

Jetter AG has released version 3.0 of its ISO-Designer software, a design environment for creating masks that conform to the requirements of the ISO 11783 standard. The tool is based on the Jetviewsoft visualisation and Scada software. Masks that meet the requirements of the ISO 11783 standard are used for utility vehicles within the agricultural and forestry sectors as well as in municipal vehicles.

Masks can be designed using ISO-Designer and saved as IOP files. If IOP files have already been created using some other tool, the user can import these into ISO-Designer and continue editing them there. The product even allows the user to import DXF files.

Objects can be taken from a library and inserted into masks using drag-and-drop. Convenient functions for arranging graphical include align, rotate, flip and a function for editing complex geometrical objects (for example polygons). ISO-Designer supports a range of languages.

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