Monday, May 18, 2009

Exact Measures Inner And Outer Structures In 3D

Wenzel Volumetrik has brought out the Exact Computed Tomography Workstation for industrial applications. The Exact can take contactless 3D measurements of inner and outer structures, enabling non-destructive and timesaving inspection for industry processes such as quality control, test engineering and reverse engineering. The Exact features precise mechanical engineering, high image-quality detectors and CT-Software.

Its control software allows optimal acquisition of projections pictures; the reconstruction software allows the exact evaluation of 3D voxel data. Data analysis is realised with the Quartis software from Wenzel Metromec and Pointmaster from Wenzel Knotenpunkt. The Software Pointmaster from Wenzel Knotenpunkt offers excellent options for Reverse Engineering, for correcting tool shapes and for site-specific analysis against CAD models.

Accurate free-form surfaces can be generated and processed from CT data. The functions for the iterative compensation of material depletion from tools for injection moulding and casting moulds speed up the development and sampling process and reduce the costs. The functionality of Pointmaster for the normal-actual value comparison against 3D CAD models with colour illustration can also be used with the Computer Tomograph.

Interfaces are available to integrate with the major capturing software packages such as VGStudio MAX 2.0. The solution is perfect for inspecting and measuring small and medium parts made from plastics, composites, ceramics, aluminium or magnesium. Also planned for the future are systems from Wenzel Volumetrik for larger parts. The new Computer Tomograph can supplement co-ordinate-measuring machine methods.

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