Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Engis Designs Lapping And Polishing Machines

Engis UK has announced a range of floor-standing Engis Hyprez FL Fastlap systems, which are designed to process a wide range of advanced materials with speed and flexibility. The Fastlap range is the latest development in Engis' total systems strategy for tackling challenging lapping and polishing applications. This approach includes the design and manufacture of a large selection of polishes and polishing mediums, from micron and sub-micron diamond polishes, to more conventional and chemical products.

The new machines are available with four different lapping plate diameters: 24in, 28in, 36in and 42in, all of which are equipped with touch-screen digital controls, giving operators a range of pressure and speed settings up to 0-1,500lbf and 90rev/min respectively. Standard features include a 'soft start' ramp-up to protect parts during start up, as well as a corrosion-resistant worktable, chrome pressure plates and a splash/protective enclosure system.

The Fastlap machines also feature a fully adjustable work table, variable speed drive, pendent style operator control panel, independent tapered bearing support for the drive wheel and three roller yoke Ring Arms with single lever adjustment for both inboard and outboard positioning. Additional options include a water cooling system, an integrated slurry dispensing system, an abrasive slurry reservoir and a lap plate flatness gauge. In addition, Engis offers fully customisable solutions to suit specific requirements.

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