Monday, May 11, 2009

Chainflex Wire Is Highly Flame Resistant

Igus has supplemented its range of 850 energy chain rated cable types with NFPA 79-conforming machine cables for companies that want to export machines and plant to the US. The Chainflex CF130.US and CF140.US machine tool wire (MTW) are highly flame-resistant and meet the strict US standards in terms of materials and insulation wall thicknesses.

The outer material is oil-resistant in line with the regulations and provides high fire-resistance according to FT4. Areas of application are both indoors and outdoors, short to medium travel distances, and self-supporting energy chain use up to 10m. They cope with medium mechanical loads, such as in the areas of tool machining, packaging, wood and stone processing as well as general handling tasks.

These PVC control cables are available immediately without any cutting costs or minimum quantity surcharge. The NFPA standard originated in the construction field and prohibits the use of some AWM cables (UL recognised) in machines. Due to the very high fire-resistance requirement, NFPA 79 restricts the selection of cable materials used to PVC only.

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