Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bumotec Unveils Multi-Tasking Machining Centre

To improve productivity for manufacturers of complex components, Bumotec has launched its S191 multi-tasking machining centre. Working within a compact envelope of 410mm x 200mm x 400mm in X, Y and Z respectively, the S191 has an accuracy level of +/-0.0001mm. This works in harmony with a rotational C-axis and a swivelling B-axis with an angular travel of -25 to +120deg and an accuracy level of 0.001deg.

The combination of accuracy and multi-axis capability delivers a machine tool with the ability to produce complex of parts to tight tolerances. This makes the S191F suitable for medical, aerospace, automotive, mould and die, and micro machining applications. The S191 is available in four configurations with an F, FL, FT and FTL version available.

The S191F and S191FL are multi-axis milling centres, while the S191FTL and S191FT are mill-turn centres with an A-axis that sits under the workpiece as opposed to the W-axis on the S191F and S191FL machines. The productivity potential of the Bumotec S191 can be noted from its 40m/min travel in X, Y and Z axis with an acceleration of 8m/s2. For increased material removal and the machining of difficult components, the 36,000rev/min swivelling B-axis has a 4.3kW motor, while the main C-axis spindle has 90,000rev/min rotational speed with a direct drive power of 7.5kW.

This combination of power and speed makes the S191 well suited to mould and die machining and the production of small intricate components. The A-axis on the on the FT and FTL versions has a 7.5kW motor with a spindle speed of up to 5,500rev/min and a robust clamping force of 8,500N. The W-axis on the S191F and S191FL delivers 310mm axis travel at a speed of 40m/min. The S191 has a 30 tool carousel with the option of 60 tools feeding an HSK40 spindle. The machine has a tool-change time of 3.2s, allowing the S191F to spend more time cutting.

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