Monday, May 18, 2009

Boge Screw Compressor Reduces Energy Costs

RSL Steeper has reduced its compressed-air energy costs by 45 per cent through replacing an ageing compressor with a Boge S15 screw compressor at its manufacturing facility in Leeds. RSL Steeper is a supplier of prosthetic and orthotic patient care services in the UK.

At its Leeds site, RSL manufactures a range of upper extremity prosthetic systems and components including cosmetic products, as well as mechanical and electric-powered systems from simple passive hands with silicone cosmetic gloves to multi-function Myo electric hands and powered elbows. Compressed air is used in the manufacturing process to power a number of air tools as well as a bio-reactor. The bio-reactor performs an important health and safety role in the production process.

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are generated in the manufacturing process from applications such as gluing. The bio-reactor purifies such air pollutants. The company has recently realised reductions in its compressed-air-related energy costs by replacing an ageing compressor with a Boge S15 screw compressor. A compressor breakdown caused Ian Hamilton, the product supplies production manager at RSL Stepper, to call on the recently appointed local compressed air service provider, Boge Compressors for assistance.

'On attending the breakdown, Boge recommended replacing the ageing compressor - an option that they suggested would be more cost effective than affecting the repair,' said Hamilton. 'Boge subsequently performed an audit on the existing compressed air system, which additionally highlighted that energy cost savings would also be made by upgrading the equipment. 'The estimated energy savings were significant.

'As a result we agreed to the recommendation to upgrade the compressor,' he added. A Boge S15 screw compressor was subsequently installed. 'Since the installation of the S15, Boge has been back to re-audit the upgraded compressed air system,' said Hamilton. 'Results have since been produced that demonstrate the compressor is creating a 45 per cent reduction in compressed air energy costs on a week-to-week basis.'.

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