Monday, April 06, 2009

Solvent-Free Protective Film For Carpeting

Major names in carpeting and textiles already use the new Novacel 9357 solvent-free protective film. Novacel, world leader in surface protection, furthers its work in developing protective solutions for the carpeting and textiles market by introducing its Novacel 9357 range, an innovation demonstrating the company's determination to manufacture products that are more environmentally friendly.

Devoted to the protection of showroom carpeting (polypropylene or needle punched fibers), and more widely to textiles, this 30-um-thick, transparent, colorless polyethylene film is designed to resist substantial traffic and soiling during booth setup (trampling, passing pallets and other various devices, dirt or gravel dumping). The innovation stems from its new, solvent-free adhesive mass resulting from a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Major names in carpeting and textiles already use this new product in industrial quantities, thus taking part in limiting solvent discharges into the atmosphere. An ideal aid to communication, the Novacel 9357 film can be printed with a logo, a trademark or any advertising message or technical advisory. As long as as the protective film has not been soiled during use, it can be safely incinerated or recycled.Similarly, all packaging and cores are recyclable and reusable too.

Such initiatives, implemented to reduce the environmental footprint, are an integral part of Novacel's sustainable development policy. Established in over 60 countries, Novacel develops, produces and markets self-adhesive films for temporary surface protection in the electronics, home appliances, automotive and building industries.

Novacel films can be applied on a great variety of surfaces such as stainless steel, pre-coated metals, aluminum, plastics, profiles and high-pressure laminates. At every stage of the transformation process (folding, stamping, profiling, etc.), as well as during handling, transport and fitting, the film acts as a protective barrier against outside aggression, preventing scratches, dirt, etc. Novacel is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

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