Thursday, April 09, 2009

PCB Terminal Block Has Lever-Actuated Design

Wago 2716 Series high-current PCB-mount terminal block features a lever-actuated termination design for tool-free termination of conductors 24 - 6 AWG. The integrated lever minimises operator strain and wiring times while reducing torque exerted on PCBs. To operate, simply lift the lever, insert a stripped conductor, then lower the lever.

The spring pressure cage clamp assures that terminations are maintenance free and gas tight, as well as resistant to vibration and temperature cycling. There are no screw torque requirements to be concerned with, making the 2716 an ideal PCB terminal block for field wired installations. Standard 2716 Series configurations include 10mm (55A/600V) or 15mm (65A/600V) pitch variants, ranging from two to eight-pole configurations.

Additional pole configurations, as well as a 20mm pitch variant, are available upon request. The 2716 Series PCB terminal block is available with or without a jumper slot. An integrated test port allows probe access with direct contact to the current bar for hands-free troubleshooting.

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