Monday, April 20, 2009

Parker-Origa Simplifies Air Preparation

Parker-Origa is aiming to set new standards for air preparation equipment with the launch of the A15. This system is constructed from lightweight polymers instead of the traditional metal, reducing weight and simplifying assembly. The design also reduces the number of variants required to cover the full spectrum of applications, which lowers logistics costs.

Further features include a self-adjusting nano mist oiler, which provides fully automatic regulation of the oil volume according to the flow rate of the compressed air. This ensures that the optimum lubrication is always achieved. Functional safety is optimised through the incorporation of a manual or semi-automatic drain valve. The A15 is available in two versions: standard and heavy duty.

For air motors and other applications that use large amounts of lubrication, a replenishment system is available offering users an alternative to running on lubricant-free air. This will ensure a permanently optimised level of lubrication to maintain seal performance and extend working life. Constructing the A15 from high-tech polymers instead of the traditional metal means that it is up to 45 per cent lighter than conventional equipment.

The non-metal design also makes the A15 corrosion-free, enabling it to be used in harsh industrial environments, with aggressive synthetic oils or anti-freeze, and at temperatures down to -40C. The materials also facilitate the use of a universal container design across the range, reducing the number of product variants from the 12 that would previously have been required down to just two. The design of the nano mist oiler has also extended the maximum distance between oiler and equipment to 40m.

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