Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Decentralised Servo Technology Driving Pick-And-Place Machines

Decentralised drives are also continuing to gain ground in the field of servo technology. In assembly and handling technology, products such as the Fluxxtorque 930 Servo Drives From Lenze are proving themselves as compact mechatronic units for positioning trays within a conveyor unit or transporting silicon wafers in the photovoltaic industry. In comparison with pneumatic systems, the travel profiles in servo technology are more dynamic and smoother. They also offer greater flexibility, as the software-based movements can easily be adjusted without costly reconfiguration work. This leads to productivity gains.

With the positioning control integrated in the fluxxtorque 930 Servo Drives, up to 100 motion functions can be processed and saved. The software’s fieldbus monitor allows all parameters of the fieldbus system to be monitored. This functionality enables easy commissioning and the implementation of complex control tasks.

The feedback allows a high degree of positioning accuracy with 4096 increments within one revolution, stopping the zero speed and a speed setting range >1:3000. Brakes are controlled and supplied directly via the fluxxtorque 930 Servo Drives. The servo inverter itself is fitted directly on the B bearing shield of the motors. With its high degree of protection (IP55), it can also be positioned as a standalone version in the direct vicinity on the chassis.

The special design of the motors means that no additional cooling measures are needed for the rated torque throughout the entire speed band. Worm, helical, bevel or planetary gearboxes from Lenze's modular range ensure suitable ratios and compact drive units. Typical uses of mechatronic drive solutions include applications in the field of robotics and handling technology, metering machines and foodstuffs/packaging machines.

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