Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Compact Easy-To-Transport Bobcat Tracked Loader

New 2.3 tonne Bobcat T110 compact tracked loader can easily be transported on a light trailer towed by mid-sized vehicles. At just 1.2 m wide and less than 2.3 m long without attachment, the new 2.3 tonne Bobcat T110 compact tracked loader will transform prospects for contractors, landscapers and a host of other users thanks to its ability to be transported on a light trailer towed by mid-sized vehicles.

The compactness and transportability of the new T110 compact tracked loader are matched by superb operator comfort and high performance in all types of weather and ground conditions. Not only can the T110 work the whole year round, the durability and serviceability of the machine ensure the same high performance year after year in arduous environments. The T110 should appeal to a wide variety of users in landscaping, equipment rental, forestry, flood defence work, residential and commercial construction, local authorities, agriculture, nurseries, recycling and many other areas.

Driven by a four cylinder, 31.2 kW Kubota V2403 naturally aspirated diesel engine running at 2200 rpm, the T110 offers a rated operating capacity of 505 kg (ISO 14397-1) and a tipping load of 1443 kg. At 101 dB(A), the bystander noise level is significantly lower than the 103 dB(A) required by the EU directive 2000/14/EC. Cushioned engine mounts ensure minimized vibrations. Equipped with 250 mm wide rubber tracks, the T110 has a low ground pressure of only 0.32 kg/cm (31.7 kPa).

The tracks provide superior traction and flotation on soft and wet surfaces as well as superior stability for work on slopes, maximising pushing force and lifting capacity and optimising work with heavier attachments. Capable of working throughout all four seasons, the T110 can travel easily over roads, pavements, and pedestrian walkways without causing damage. A hydraulic flow of 52.2 l/min on the T110 enables fast bucket rollback/dump and other workgroup functions, and also ensures the T110 is an excellent tool carrier for the more than 20 different attachments designed for use with this machine.

The T110 is equipped as standard with the quick-change Bob-Tach attachment mounting frame. A time and effort-saving option is the Power Bob-Tach system which allows the operator to change non-hydraulic attachments simply by flipping a switch, without leaving the cab. The operator cab is equipped as standard with a front door with windshield wiper and side windows, ensuring enhanced comfort when working in inclement conditions. The top and rear windows can easily be removed without tools.

A heated cab is available as an option. Equipped with integrated front and rear lights, the cab has a large front opening giving excellent visibility of the work area and attachments. The domed roof on the cab easily sheds rain water and offers good head clearance. In addition to good visibility, the use of dual tilt cylinders and the open design of the Bob-Tach quick-change attachment system facilitate easy entry and exit from the cab. The cushioned suspension seat is fully adjustable to the operator's weight and features the Bobcat Interlock Control System (BICS) for safety.

The rear-pivot seat bar is easy to pull down or push up and provides ample room for larger operators and more rest area for the arms. The loader steering levers provide for precise responsive movements. The state-of-the-art instrumentation in the cab provides the operator with a wealth of information. Arranged in two groups in convenient locations at the front of the cab, one in the top left hand corner and the other in the top right, the instrument panels and gauges are easy to read and use.

There is a choice of panels on the right hand side - a standard system or an optional deluxe instrument panel with additional features, including a security system with a keyless ignition package. The keyless system makes it possible to lock out certain functions, a useful feature in rental applications. The T110 is designed for durability and low maintenance with a well-built, robust frame and strong dual tilt cylinders, a closed undercarriage featuring a sturdy, keel-shaped belly pan and an automatic tensioner on the transmission belt drive.

The triple flange spring rollers for the tracks are made of steel and never need greasing. Track tension is easy to adjust with a standard grease gun. Thanks to the large swing open tailgate and transversely-mounted engine, the new T110 offers convenient one side servicing. The engine area is fully protected by a 6 mm thick steel tailgate. Hydraulic and hydrostatic components under the operator cab can be accessed quickly by removing two nuts at the front of the cab and tilting it back. QuickLook - New Bobcat T110 Compact Tracked Loader:.

* 4-cylinder 31.2 kW liquid-cooled naturally aspirated diesel engine.

* High engine power enables operators to push more, dig more and grade more.

* 505 kg rated operating capacity (ISO 14397-1).

* 1443 kg tipping load.

* 250 mm wide rubber tracks produce low 0.32 kg/cm (31.7 kPa) ground pressure.

* Track rollers: 4 triple flange spring rollers on each side - never need greasing.

* Ground contact length: 1299 mm.

* Ground clearance: 201 mm.

* Dump height: 1999 mm.

* Reach at maximum dump height: 579 mm.

* Travel speed 8.4 km/h.

* Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 52.2 l/min.

* Overall dimensions without bucket: 1199 mm wide x 1882 mm high x 2262 mm long.

* Overall dimensions with standard bucket: 1270 mm wide x 1882 mm high x 2972 mm long.

* Shipping weight: 2100 kg.

* Operating weight: 2379 kg.

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