Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bruel And Kjaer Hand-Arm Vibration Meter Software

Testing the seriously hazardous effects from vehicle seat and floor vibration is now much simpler with Bruel And Kjaer's new SEAT measurement software for its 4447 Human Vibration meter. With this major update the 4447 makes the assessment of health risks to humans - posed by exposure vibration at work - easier to calculate, as it can measures SEAT (Seat Effective Amplitude Transmissibility) factors to determine the ratio between the vibration levels measured on the seat - and on the floor - then display the SEAT factor.

This factor ensures the seat is constructed under specific operational conditions and the finished product complies with strict EU regulations for manufacturers, including EU Directive 2002/44/EC. Bruel and Kjaer's 4447 analyser is a portable system developed using input from several groups concerned about the effects of human vibration, so it is ideal for consultants working with measurements of - and risk evaluations caused by - exposure to occupational vibration, departments for occupational health, manufacturers of building machinery, freight vehicles and other machinery causing vibration, manufacturers of anti-vibration pads, seats and personal protection equipment.

The meter also offers a new logging capability, which records RMS, MTVV, Peak and VDV values at 1 second intervals, giving the tester a more detailed picture of the vibration exposure. Depending on the variant amount of data recorded, the 4447's memory stores several hours of logging data, providing information for a much longer working period, which can then be analysed via the Vibration Explorer PC software.

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